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Until recently it was believed that old age inevitably brought along a gradual deterioration and loss of muscle and bone mass. Recent studies showed however, that muscle and bone mass can be surprisingly maintained and what’s more it can be increased even by the elderly. Supposedly most symptoms that we perceive as aging are merely signs of neglect and lack of exercise. Some studies even went as far as to consider body-building a fountain of youth.
Certainly body building is a sport that one can do no matter of how advanced in age one is. There are certain things he/she has to pay extra attention to, but other than that only one’s willpower is the limit.
Older people should always consult a doctor before taking up exercising, they should take it slow, and pay exceptional attention to possible injury situations. When old, injuries happen a lot faster and more often and they take a lot more time to heal.
Results can be amazing though. The increase in the levels of general fitness and strength are nothing short of spectacular. As a direct result the pleasure to live increases and general activity can also experience a boost.
No, old people don’t just have to sit back and wait for the inevitable. They can get up, get to the gym and start building muscle.


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